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The future of music tuition is right now

We believe the future of music tuition is online. Recent advances in technology have enabled music tutors to provide real 1-to-1 lessons over the internet that are better than ever. And the best bit? You don’t even need to leave your own home!
The tutors on our platform provide private lessons with direct feedback specific for you. It’s not a video, it’s live. Ask them anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know (about music, that is!).

Our journey

Our journey began 4 years ago with a real life music school in South Yorkshire. What started humbly grew quickly, and today it’s one of the biggest private music schools in the UK, with nearly 300 students visiting every week.
But it wasn’t the school that was successful, it was the tutors. We came to realise that it doesn’t matter where you learn, it matters who you learn with. The influence of a great teacher can never be erased. So we went online to help students find great teachers, no matter where they live.

We're all about great teaching

You don’t need to live near a respected tutor to learn music from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

With online lessons, every tutor on our platform is available in your own home. We’re positive you’ll find the right one.

Find the perfect tutor for you

Expert tuition • 7 day free trial • Cancel anytime

No travel fees

Private tutors usually add £5-£10 to their prices when they're required to travel to students' houses. With online tuition, they can teach students back to back, and this saving comes directly to you.